People wait to pounce. The strongest among us have to falter a bit, and the vicious are waiting in the wings. I felt so frightened and concerned when seeing Hillary after the election, she was shattered. Those weeks when she suffered from pneumonia but still soldiered on were crushing to watch. As she collapsed from exhaustion and had to cancel several events, the vicious came forward to ridicule and demean. I remember seeing videos of her  where again and again she was shown to be unfit, not strong enough, and made fun of for having  quirks after her head injury. Still, she went on with her clear gaze never showing vulnerability. Her intelligence always so visible in her face showed that she could run a country no matter what physical condition she was in. Her focus and passion allowed her to push through without a tear in sight.

I’m so intrigued by her ability to discount all of the horrible things people said about her. I guess she simply wasn’t interested. What a gift. My own experience with illness,  exhaustion, and ridicule led me to attempt suicide. I cannot go back and  change anything, but I can work to gather my strength, push onward, and try to ignore human  nature.

Hillary is such an inspiration, and a great example of leadership. Perhaps, some of those who so despised her are finally having second thoughts.


Hillary The Workhorse

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