When Illness Invites Insults (Bad Memories From The Workplace)

  • “My God…you look exhausted!” What can I say? “Thank you” doesn’t sound quite right.

  • You do not look happy.”      Oh. (tears start to form)

  • “You’re actually pretty nice, a lot of people don’t see that.”  

  • “It seems like you’re in a rush to leave…”                                       img_0801

  • “You can be very intimidating.”     Me???

  • “Has anyone ever told  you that the circles under your eyes make you look a lot older?”

This is life. You usually don’t feel well,  but it has never made you a mean person. In fact, you’re so nice that you try to smile warmly at the person who just insulted you. They didn’t want a smile. They hoped you would at least defend yourself or snap out with some sass. No. No sass, that would take too much energy.

Have a little integrity people! Don’t gang up on the person who is trying so hard to do their best. Life is a struggle for them right now. You may experience some of what they are going through when you are much older and retired. It sure couldn’t hurt you to develop some sensitivity, show a little gentleness, or maybe just smile without saying a word.




5 thoughts on “When Illness Invites Insults (Bad Memories From The Workplace)

  1. I try to reach out to young women from my blog with Lupus. Our family and friends look at us and say we’re just lazy or fat (from steroid use), or faking an illness that doesn’t exist, while we do everything we can just to stay alive. I feel your pain and send you my heartfelt blessings.

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  2. I am sorry you endured such hurtful comments. In my office I was called Gertrude as a joke because I was was only 24 and in constant pain. That was kinda funny but I wasn’t ever sure if people really believed me, I think most thought I was dramatic or a hypochondriac..not a good feeling.

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